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14 November 2009 @ 01:06 am
Want to know some basic info on the blokes we post about? You've come to the right place.

Sean Biggerstaff
Born: March 15, 1983
HP Role: Oliver Wood
Other Work: Cashback, CHEM087, Consenting Adults

Jamie Campbell Bower
Born: November 22, 1988
HP Role: Young Grindlewald
Other Work: Sweeny Todd, New Moon

Louis Cordice
Born: ?
HP Role: Blaise Zabini
Other Work: ?

Frank Dillane
Born: April 21, 1991
HP Role: Teenage Voldemort
Other Work: Welcome to Sarajevo

Tom Felton
Born: September 22, 1987
HP Role: Draco Malfoy
Other Work: The Burrowers, The Disappeared, 13hrs, In Between The Waves

Alfie Enoch
Born: December 2, 1988
HP Role: Dean Thomas
Other Work: -

Domhnall Gleeson
Born: 1983
HP Role: Bill Weasley
Other Work: Sensation, Boy Eats Girl

Rupert Grint
Born: August 24, 1988
HP Role: Ron Weasley
Other Work: Driving Lessons, Cherrybomb, Wild Target

Joshua Herdman
Born: September 9, 1987
HP Role: Gregory Goyle
Other Work: Thunderpants, 'The Bill'

Stanislav Ianevski
Born: May 16, 1985
HP Role: Viktor Krum
Other Work: Hostel 2

Matt Lewis
Born: June 27, 1989
HP Role: Matt Lewis
Other Work: Some Kind of Life>

Harry Melling
Born: March 13, 1989
HP Role: Dudley Dursley
Other Work: Friends & Crocodiles

William Melling
Born: November 30, 1994
HP Role: 'Nigel'
Other Work: Vanity Fair, William and Mary

Hugh Mitchell
Born: September 7, 1989
HP Role: Colin Creevy
Other Work: Tormented, Waking the Dead, The Da Vinci Code

Devon Murrey
Born: October 28, 1988
HP Role: Seamus Finnigan
Other Work: Yesterday's Children, Angela's Ashes

James Phelps
Born: February 25, 1986
HP Role: Fred Weasley
Other Work: Kingdom

Oliver Phelps
Born: February 25, 1986
HP Role: George Weasley
Other Work: Kingdom

Daniel Radcliffe
Born: July 23, 1989
HP Role: Harry Potter
Other Work: December Boys, My Boy Jack, 'Equus'

Chris Rankin
Born: November 8, 1983
HP Role: Percy Weasley
Other Work: Explode, Chapter Two: Into the Fold

Toby Regbo
Born: 1991
HP Role: Young Dumbledore
Other Work: Mr. Nobody, 1939

Freddie Stroma
Born: January 8, 1987
HP Role: Cormac McLaggen
Other Work: Lady Godiva, The Last Flight to Kuwait
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